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John Hancock

"Survivorship Term is a level premium non-participating second-to-die term product primarily designed to meet estate planning needs of the affluent market. Individuals in this market segment may be “asset rich” but “cash poor.” Survivorship Term is designed to meet the cash flow needs of these individuals by providing low-cost term or non-permanent second-to-die coverage, with the option to convert to permanent coverage when policy owners’ cash-flow permits".

John Hancock

Technical Guide


"Survivorship Term is a last survivor term life insurance policy that can help offset the Federal estate tax that would otherwise be payable at the death of the surviving spouse.  This policy provides a reasonable means to begin your estate plan or can act as an excellent complement to an existing estate plan.  Flexible to meet your changing needs, Survivorship Term offers a variety of affordable premium options.  You may choose from level premium periods of 10, 20 or 30 years.  The conversion option will allow you to convert this policy to an eligible permanent life insurance policy without additional medical reviews".

Protective Survivorship

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