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Sample Documents

Simple Will, Self-Proving Affidavit, Will with Testamentary Trust, Will with Pourover to Living Trust, Codicil (Amendment to Will).

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (Single & Survivor Life), Flexible ILIT, Crummey Power Notice Letter, QTIP Marital Deduction & Credit Shelter Trust, Revocable Living Trust, Section 2503(c) Minor's Trust, Spousal Support Trust, Special Needs Trust, Amendment to Trust, Dynasty Trust.

Adoption of Qualified Retirement Plan, Qualified Retirement Plan Bene Designation & Spousal Waiver, Sample Minutes Adopting 403(b) Annuity Plan, 403(b) Annuity Purchase Agreement.

Whether inter vivos or testamentary, sample CRATs, CRUTs, CLATs, CLUTs and CGAs are located in this link.  Add an IRA Charitable Rollover and other documents for a robust charitable giving document library.

Living Will, Power of Attorney, Custodial Gift to Minor under UTMA, Qualified Disclaimer, Agreement to Waive Right of Inheritance, Section 6155 Election, Estate Planning Factfinder.

Sole Proprietorship, Corporate & Partnership Agreements, Corporate Stock Redemption, Involuntary Lifetime Transfer, Termination of Employment Purchase Option, Section 303 Stock Redemption, Wait-and-See Corporate Buy-Sell, Stock Transfer Form, many more.

Exec Bonus - Single & Double, Restrictive - Single & Double, Board Resolution, many more.

Nonqualified Deferred Comp Agreement (Salary Continuation of SERP Supp Executive Retirement Plan), Election of Deferral, Notice of Discontinuance, Board Minutes and Resolutions, Rabbi Trust (IRS Form), Secular Trust, many more.

Split-Dollar Life Insurance Agreement (Endorsement, Method, Employer - Pay-All, Non-Equity), Bene Designation, Corporate Resolution, Assignment of Policy as Collateral, Promissory Note, many more.

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